Erotic services in Madrid
14 Oct 2020

I take all aspects of the Spanish culture and bring it into my everyday life however I can! I love indulging in the food, drinks, and love language of my homeland, South America! I will never turn down an opportunity to go salsa dancing. It screams sexy and fun…much like myself.

A beautiful, and incredibly charming lady; a real delight with soft feminine features, dark hair, mesmerizing eyes, completed with a warm and welcoming smile. I am originally from Brazil and if you are into accents, with my sweet foreign accent, I am guaranteed to put a smile on your face and then have a great sex in Madrid together. For the discerning gentlemen seeking a polished and delicate flower with a sweet nature, I am the perfect woman for you.

For my mind, I love documentaries of all sorts and collecting as much knowledge as I can. that way, I am always able to have an intelligent and cultured conversation with you before you get to see what else I can do.

My lovely assistants are always available to help you arrange a date with me! They will screen you, get locked into my calendar, and answer any questions you may have via e-mail!